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roswell-divorce-attorney Although divorce is now common and no longer stigmatized, it can nonetheless be a difficult and lengthy process that involves many related legal issues. Tough choices need to be made at a time when your emotional resilience may already be strained.

Working with a good attorney can make the process run much more smoothly. And while no lawyer can guarantee outcomes, a well-executed divorce is more likely to result in a fair and mutually beneficial settlement.

At the Grandjean Law Firm, you will work with an attorney prepared to help you through your divorce and all other matters related to family law. Attorney Jeff Grandjean has experience in divorce mediation. If you first try mediation that eventually proves to be unsuccessful, Mr. Grandjean is prepared to fight for your interests through litigation.

Property Division And A Fair Divorce Settlement

New Mexico is one of just 10 states employing the legal model of community property. This essentially means that most assets and debts acquired during the marriage are presumed to belong equally to both spouses. Some exceptions can be made, such as gifts or inheritances granted specifically to one spouse.

While the community property model may seem like an intuitive way to divide assets and debts, it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. There are cases in which one spouse acquires significant assets or debts on his or her own, and it would be unfair to divide them equally. In such cases, certain assets and debts can potentially be reclassified as separate, but usually not without a strong legal argument supported by documentation and other evidence.

When you work with the Grandjean Law Firm, you will have an attorney who understands the complexities and intricacies of New Mexico family law. Attorney Jeff Grandjean will take the time to listen to your story in order to understand your concerns and your goals. He will then work with you to seek a divorce settlement that best meets your needs and the needs of your family.

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