An Attorney Seeking Your Side Of The Story

In America, anyone charged with a crime is supposed to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, things don't always work out this way. Wrongful arrests and prosecutions are all too common. And even when conviction is not a factor, merely being arrested and charged can be enough to ruin a person's reputation and jeopardize his or her job.

If you are currently facing criminal charges in New Mexico, there may be many people who assume the worst. That's one of the reasons why you need an experienced attorney on your side. When you work with the Grandjean Law Firm, you'll be working with an attorney who listens to your side of the story without judgment, acts with discretion and maintains absolute confidentiality.

Thorough Investigation, Aggressive Criminal Defense

In any criminal case, the details are crucial. Attorney Jeff Grandjean will thoroughly investigate the charges against you to determine if mistakes were made or if your civil rights were violated. Common examples include:

DWI and DUI: Was the traffic stop legal? Was the officer properly trained in field sobriety testing? Was the breath testing equipment properly calibrated?

Drug Charges: Did the officer have a warrant or probable cause to conduct a search? Were you incorrectly charged with a more serious offense than simple possession?

Domestic Violence: Are these false allegations related to a pending divorce? Did the alleged victim exaggerate your role in the dispute and minimize his or her own? Were the police erroneously contacted by a neighbor who only heard shouting? Were you acting in self-defense?

The questions above are just some of the aspects of your case that may need to be explored. Attorney Jeff Grandjean will leave no stone unturned in his investigation in order to provide you with the strongest criminal defense strategy available. He will also discuss your rights and options with you if an alternative resolution (like a plea deal) may be more favorable.

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